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Women's day surprise

Last Tuesday it was Women’s day and I had a really long day of work and a language course in the evening. I was dead tired and when I went to the food store there were a bunge of guys running around looking for flowers. I had completely forgotten about the day and became really disappointed that my boyfriend Claudio didn’t give me any flowers.

When I came home completely tired all the lights were out in the apartment and a lot of candles had been lit beautifully. Claudio had cooked a beatiful dinner with all the foods I love – A lot of veggies with feta and fried halloumi! I felt so happy and loved! Thank you sweetie ❤

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Spring is arriving and so are Shoes

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Haven’t posted something here for a while, I’m sorry for that. Have been crazy busy with everything. Last weekend I went to the Marimekko store in the city centre to buy myself a pair of awesome sneakers. As I mentioned in my last post, Marimekko did a co-operation with Converse, and that meant one thing – I need them now. It was a limited edition and a possibility for Finnish design at its best to get some publicity even abroad. So much that even USA’s vice president Biden, who was visiting Finland with his wife and granddaughter, went to buy a pair – how cool is that…

The shoes are really comfy and they came with laces of three different colours; white, green and black. All of the laces give very different looks, and makes the shoes versatile. I can’t wait for spring when I get to start wearing them.

Posted some pics of another pair of spring sneakers, which I bought already before Christmas, but had forgotten in my cupboard. They’re Vans and are also very funky.

I have high hopes for the spring to arrive soon. There’s a Finnish saying that “the new snow, is the death of the old”. It just snowed outside after a long while, so let’s hope for the best 🙂

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I <3 Marimekko

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Marimekko, established in 1951, is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colours. The company designs and manufactures high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories. (source: www.marimekko.com)

As everyone who really knows me well are aware of, is that I love tunics, especially ones that are cut in a very sixties style, aka. very straight and baggy. And who knows better than Marimekko to produce this kind of tunics and clothes. The clothes that they make will last forever, because they’re of a very high quality. The only down-side is the price, but think of it more as an investment than a buy. Marimekko clothes probably divide people into love and hate, and I’m definitely on the love team.

I’ve posted some pictures of Marimekko’s spring collection. I love love love the dresses and I’m definitely gonna purchase one of them soon.

Ps. Waiting for the spring…

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I want, I need, now! :)

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I love my converse sneakers. They’re just so incredibly comfy and cool. You can almost wear it with any outfit, whether it’s with leggings during the day or a with a beatiful dress during an evening party. They’re simply versatile and absolutely vital for me and my wardrobe!

So now to the main point of my post. Converse is now co-operating with the Finnish boutique Marimekko, which is known for they’re beautiful and classic fabrics, that always are very colourful and interesting. So the result of their getting together should be pretty damn awesome, and so it is! I want, I need, now! 🙂

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A Saturday evening with pulla

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Cooking and baking doesn’t always mean that I have to make a complicated dish from a complicated cook book, by a famous chef. For me, cooking is also entertainment and making people around me happy about good food. Today I decided to make a very classic Finnish baked good, called pulla, aka cinnamon or butter bun. They’re just delicious and everone loves them. It’s a safe bet to bake these buns! The person who makes the best buns in the world is my mother – hands down! ❤

A few things that should be taken into consideration is though that you should never put too much flour into the dough, since it easily becomes very dry then. Leave it rather a bit too sticky when leaving it to set. Another thing is that you really shouldn’t try to make this pastry “light”, since that will only diminish the beautiful taste and in the end it will never become that light. As a last hint – Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Try the recipe and enjoy. The classic way is to serve the buns with a cold glass of milk. The recipe I have used is by Sunnuntai.

PS. If you wonder why the uncooked buns look a bit flat in one of the pictures, the reason is my lovely boyfriend. He put the pan with the buns on a chair and decided to sit on it. Twice! 😀

1/2 l milk

2 dl sugar

2 eggs

2-4 tsp cardamom

1 tsp salt

2 bags of dried yeast

14-16 dl flour

200 g butter

on the top: a beaten egg, small sugar pieces, cinnamon, sugar

1. Heat the milk until 42 C (well above hand temperature).

2. Add the eggs, sugar, cardamom and salt. 

3. In a different bowl, mix a tad of flour and the dried yeast, and add the mix to the milk-mixture.

4. Add the rest of the flour and the soft butter.

5. Work the dough with your hand until it’s elastic and shining.

6. Leave it to set for about 30 minutes or until it has doubled in size.

7. Put the dough on a table with flour and knead all the air bubbles out.

8. Split the dough into to pieces.

9. Make a bar out of the first dough.

10. Cut it into small equal pieces and roll them into balls.

11. Push a hole in the centre and fill it with a mixture of butter and sugar.

12. Take the other dough and make it into a flat cake with a rolling pin.

13. Spread a thin layer of butter, sugar and cinnamon on top of the dough.

14. Roll it and cut into small pieces that you the form into cinnamon buns.

15. Brush both the butter and cinnamon buns with egg and decorate with sugar.

16. Bake the buns in 225 C for about 10 minutes until golden brown.

17. Enjoy with cold milk!

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My February giveways

Yesterday I decided to go through all my closets, full of clothes. I found a lot of stuff that I didn’t even know I owned, some of it good and some of it bad. I went through every clothing item and piled them into “I use” and “I don’t use”. There were many many scarves that are completely new that I haven’t used and that’s why I decided to give them away here to my blogreaders. All the pictures I’ve posted are of items that I’m currently giving away for free. It’s not stuff that I have used a lot. Most of the items have actually never been used, because they haven’t fitted my style, or the colour has been wrong for my complexion. Now I hope that all of YOU will get items for free that you’ll really like. My trash shall be your treasure 🙂 Just post comments on the pictures of the items you would like to have and I’ll put them aside for you, and we can agree upon mode of delivery. Enjoy your free shopping. I’m guessing there are going to be more items (clothes) in a while.  So stay posted!

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Burlesque and Pinup

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During the weekend I went to see the movie Burlesque (Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell) with my sister. The movie was really good and it confirmed my belief that burlesque in fact is one of the coolest things on earth. It’s sexy, beautiful, funky, feminine, exciting, teasing, flirty, feminine and simply fun! It makes the everyday life more exciting and I think every woman has a pinup girl inside of her, just waiting to come out with the help of a perfect outfit.

What is the difference between burlesque and pin up then? Well I’m a curious girl and immediately googled it, and the main difference is that burlesque is a performing art that is live, when pin up is just girls that pose for pictures. Both are extraordinary and I will definitely try to organize a proper burlesque/pin up party with the help of my mom, who is also fascinated about this theme, I hope. (wink, wink mom)

I’ve posted some pictures of the most famous pin up girl from the fifties, Betty Page and the absolutely fabulous burlesque artist of our time, Dita von Teese. On top of that there are some other pictures of classic pin up girls from the fifties, that are just epic!

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Happy Valentine's Day! / Feliz dia de los enamorados!

This Valentine’s day (or the day before) I decided to make a beautiful butterscoth-raspberry cake, that is my own version of the classic butterscotch cake. I make it to almost every party because people have really said that they enjoy it. The difference is that I use less whipped cream and replace it with raspberries. This way it’s less heavy and tastes really fresh and light. I dare you to give it a try! 🙂

Sponge cake:

4 eggs

1 1/4 dl sugar

1 dl flour

3/4 dl potato flour

1 tsp baking powder

1. Whip the eggs and the sugar, until airy.

2. Mix the dry ingredients together in another bowl and sift the mix into the egg-sugar mix. Stir carefully, so that the airyness doesn’t disappear and make your cake go flat.

3. Bake the cake in 175 C, for about 20-35 minutes until goldenbrown.

Butterscotch: (I always make a double portion of this)

1 dl cream

1 dl sugar

1 dl brown sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla sugar

80 g salted butter

20 g white chocolate

1. Put the cream and all the sugars into a pot.

2. Boil the mixture on a mild temperature until it has turned brown, for about 20 minutes.

3. When it’s thick enough add the cold butter in small pieces, while stirring.

4. Finally add the chocolate pieces into the warm butterscotch.

5. If the mixture is too stiff, lightly add cream, or if it’s too runny, add white chocolate.

Fillings and decorations:

2 bags of frozen raspberries (400 g)

4 dl cream

Dark chocolate

1. Cut the cooled off cake into three layers with a sharp knife.

2. Moisten all three layers with milk.

3. Add butterscotch on the lowest layer, then add raspberries and finally whipped cream.

4. Put the next layer on top and repeat number 3.

5. Add the last layer and pour the rest of the warm butterscotch on top of it.

6. Let it cool off.

7. Decorate with whipped cream and molten dark chocolate.

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One of my absolute favourites

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I have a few dishes that I eat every week because I just love them. One of them is Greek salad. It’s a lean and healthy, but incredibly tasty. Here is a recipe that I most commonly use. I don’t have any specific measurements of the ingredients, because I add different amounts every time 🙂

Salad mix (e.g. Pirkka)


Yellow or read pepper

Tiny tomatoes

Black olives (stones taken away)

Red onion

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